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Pranarôm was founded in 1975 by Pierre Franchomme, a researcher and aromatherapist known for his innovative work in chemotype research.

Dominique Baudoux has been running this Belgian research business since
1991. A pharmacist by training with a passion for essential oils, he has given Pranarôm its international outlook whilst retaining the initial aim of developing aromatherapy with the scientific rigour that the discipline deserves.
As a result of the strict working methodology followed by its team, Pranarôm International S.A. has forged itself a place as the leader in the field of scientific aromatherapy.

In Pranarôm, every new batch of essential oils is analysed in the laboratory using GC-MS gas-phase chromatography to guarantee you the highest quality 100% pure natural and complete chemotyped essential oils.

Quality Charter

Concerned with offering quality products to its consumer, Pranarôm International has adopted the following Quality Charter:


-We give priority to certified organic raw materials, and where these cannot be obtained, we use wild plant materials harvested from untreated locations.


-We carry out a double analysis of every batch of essential oils: a gas-phase chromatographic analysis is carried out internally and a chromatographic and mass spectrographic analysis is carried out by an independent laboratory.
These analyses are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, AFNOR standards and strict internal standards.


-We guarantee that no ingredients from GM (genetically modified) organisms are used.


-Information relating to essential oils from the raw materials to the finished product is filed in order to provide full traceability. A technical data sheet and sample are kept for each batch of essential oil, for each combination of essential oil manufactured by Pranarôm and for each finished product (massage oil, shampoo etc.)


-Our production process follows HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards These standards require traceability and self-inspection of final products (bacteriological checks, chromatography etc.).


-All our capsules are manufactured and inspected in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).


-Gelatine in capsules is certified as being of marine or plant origin.


-All our products have been notified to the Ministère Belge de la Santé - the Belgian Ministry of Health.



CTEO Label



The label CTEO means:
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