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• An authentic manufacture
• of irreproachable quality
• a range 100% Bio

“The four season old plants, in synergy with the Flowers of Dr. Bach and the Spagyriques Gasolines, act by their subtle character on the being human as a whole and in-depth.”

• The active ingredients of the extracts of plants act quickly on the organization.

• The floral elixirs manufactured according to the original method Dr. Bach and the spagyric gasolines rebalance the emotional disorders and harmonize vital energies on the physique plans, psychic and mental.

• Rigorous controls with the test of “significant crystallization” enables us to ensure you the vitality and the effectiveness of our Elixirs.

• Controlled biological culture.

Live in Synergy with Nature!

ELIXIRS BIOFLORAL are very effective thanks to a synergy and biological, but such a vibratory quality. The active ingredients of the extracts of the plants (roots, sheets, flowers or fruits) act quickly on the organization. The Spagyriques gasolines and the Floraux elixirs according to Dr. Bach rebalance the emotional disorders and harmonize in-depth vital energies as well on the physical level, as psychic and mental.

An artisanal manufacture makes it possible to respect the plants by employing soft and slow methods, guaranteeing an exceptional effectiveness. Rigorous controls with the test of significant crystallization ensure the vitality and the effectiveness of our Elixirs. All the ingredients are origins biological and controlled by Ecocert.

ELIXIRS BIOFLORAL with the four season old plants, offered by nature, make it possible to look after us throughout the year following the needs for each one.
The PLANTS OF SPRING offer drainage and remineralisation to us;
The ESTIVAL FLOWERS act on the nervous system and the psychosomatic disorders (fear, distresses, depression and sleep disorder);
The FRUITS Of AUTUMN propose to us to fight against physical and psychic exhaustion;
The PLANTS Of WINTER enter “our roots deeply” to increase our natural defense (ideal against the influenzas and the colds, even on a purely preventive basis).

ELIXIR Of AUVERGNE, tonic general containing 32 plants of mountain (alive in altitude on an old volcanic ground) to the multiple virtues (circulation, digestion, tonicity, articulation). Very energy, it is ideal for any person needing to find a new strong bond with the ground and to regenerate its organization.

The ELIXIR OF the SWEDE, known since old times and through works of Maria Treben, supplements the range of ELIXIRS BIOFLORAL. The formulation remains authentic and complete with 59 plants: we use biological ingredients controlled by Ecocert for a better quality and effectiveness. - 26, rue de Malplaquet - 7040 Aulnois (Belgique) | Tél. : 00 32 (0)479/95.88.40 | RCS 867-265-419 | Terms and conditions | Sitemap | |