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Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian doctor, was the first to conduct comprehensive research on the therapeutic properties of buds. He started treating patients with bud extracts in the 1960s and published his research and clinical findings in 1970, calling this new therapy “Phyto-embryotherapie”.

The discipline was further elaborated on and developed by a French homeopath, Dr. Max Tetau, and other Belgian and French doctors, Dr. Tetau also changed the name to “Gemmotherapy”, the name by which it is now universally known.


Gemmotherapy derives from the Latin “gemmae” meaning both bud of a plant and a precious stone.


Buds and young shoots consist principally of embryonic tissue and, thus, enclose all the genetic information required for the development of the adult plant. In addition to containing vitamins, oligo-elements, and minerals, buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other plant tissues.

They also contain other active substances, such as auxins and gibberellins, which will disappear once a plant reaches a certain stage in its growth.

Given that they are extracts of embryonic tissue, the gemmotherapy remedies are found to possess all the properties of the various parts of the whole plant; in this way the gemmotherapy extract of the Linden Tree will be sedative (as are the flowers), but also purifying and diuretic (properties associated with the sapwood, or underside of the bark of the tree).

The extract of the bud of the Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) can act both as a cardiac tonic (as does the fruit) and anti-arrhythmic (as does the flower).

To obtain maximum efficacy of treatment, gemmotherapy remedies should always be prepared from freshly collected buds and shoots and taken in a concentrated form - these concentrates are also known as mother-macerates.



The two principal forms of gemmotherapy remedies are:


Extracts of the individual buds (also known as individual mother-macerates): each extract contains all the properties of one plant;

Complexes: combinations of individual bud extracts, designed to target specific problems.


This booklet summarises the application of key gemmotherapy remedies and provides a practical reference guide for identifying gemmotherapy remedies best suited to treat specific ailments.

Gemmotherapy is a well-researched discipline in the academic world, but it is still relatively unknown among the general public in many countries. However, these remedies are proving to have such a wide range and potency of action that Gemmotherapy will undoubtedly develop by leaps and bounds in the coming years, as homeopathy has done over the past decades.


Quality and Scientific Integrity


A meticulous selection of all plants used in preparation of HerbalGem’s products, together with the strict quality control procedures enforced at each stage of preparation and their experience of over 20 years in the field of gemmotherapy, ensure optimum quality and efficacy of all extracts.

HerbalGem only uses freshly picked buds, stabilized at the time of collection to ensure that no vitamins, minerals, natural plant hormones or nucleic acids are lost. The buds are collected directly from forests and organic farming by its dedicated team or by specially trained collectors. All products are prepared in our laboratory following HACCP regulations.




It is advised that concentrated gemmotherapy remedies be taken between meals, 2-3 times a day. To achieve an optimum result, place the drops directly on or under the tongue and hold the concentrated macerate in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. The drops may also be taken diluted in a little water.


Precautions for use    


- Do not use if safety seal is broken.

- Pregnant women should avoid taking bud extracts with hormonal action like Quercus robur (Oak), Rubus idaeus (Raspberry), Sequoia gigantea (Giant redwood), Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Cowberry).

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