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> Therapeutic properties

Therapeutic properties of Essential Oils:

- Analgesics (Calms the pain):

Ajowan, exotic Basil, citonné Eucalyptus, true Lavender, Savory of mountains,…

- Anti-inflammatory drug:

Exotic basil, erased Eucalyptus, super Lavandin, Peppermint, citronnée Vervain,…

- Antiallergique:

Noble camomile, Tarragon.

- Antibactérienne:

Exotic basil, Grooves of China, erased Eucalyptus, noble Laurier, peppered Menthe, Niaouli, Palmarosa, aromatic Ravensare, Tea tree, Thym CT thujanol,…

- Antidépressive:

Incense, Litsée citronnée, citronnée Vervain, Ylang ylang.

- Antihématome - Antiplhlébitique:

Italian Hélichryse.

- Antispasmodique:

Exotic basil, Italian Bergamot, Tarragon, Hélichryse, true Lavender, Fir tree balsam tree,…

- Antitussive:

Cypress of Provence, Black spruce, erased Eucalyptus, Gaulthérie slept, Ginger, odorous Inula.

- Antiviral:

Lemon, bois de rose, erased Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Niaouli, compact Origan, aromatic Ravensare, Tea tree, Thyme CT thujanol,…

- Tonic sexual:

Bois de rose, Drink of Siam, Cannelle of China, Gimgembre, Giroflier, citronnée Menthe, compact Origan, Sarriette of the mountains, Ylang ylang Extra and Totum.

- Calming, sedative, releasing:

Bergamotte, Combawa, Cumin of the meadows, true Lavender, Tangerine, Small grain bitter orange, Ylang Extra ylang and Totum,…

- Healing:

Ladanum-bearing cistus CV Corsica, Incense, Hélicryse Italian, true Lavender, super Lavandin, Palmarosa, Small grain bitter orange, Rosemary CT verbénone.

- Relieving congestion lymphatic:

Cypress of Provence, Genèvrier of Virginia, Mastic tree pistachio tree, woodland Pine, Vetiver.

- Relieving congestion prostatic:

Drink of Siam, Cyprès of Provence, Eucalyptus with bractées multiple CT cryptone, Lentisque pistachio tree, Myrte green.

- Relieving congestion venous:

Cultivated celery, Cypress of Provence, Genévrier of Virginia, Mastic tree pistachio tree, Myrtle green, Niaouli.

- Draining hepatorenal:

Cultivated carrot, mentholated Eucalyptus.

- Expectorant:

Incense, erased Eucalyptus, noble Bay-tree, Niaouli, woodland Pine, aromatic Ravensare, Fir tree balsam tree,…

- Fungicide (which kills parasitic mushrooms):

Ajowan, Bois de rose, Lemon grass of Java, rose Géranium CV Egypt, Lavender aspic, Niaouli, compact Origan, Tea tree, Thyme CT thujanol,…

- Haemostatic (which stops the haemorrhages):

Ladanum-bearing cistus CV Corsica, rose Géranium CV Egypt.

- Hypertensive (which increases the blood pressure):

Cultivated carrot, Giroflier, Peppermint, woodland Pine.

- Hypotensive (which decreases the blood pressure):

Combawa, citronné Eucalyptus, true Lavender, Ylang Extra ylang and Totum.

- Radioprotectrice or protective cutaneous:

Niaouli, Tea tree.


Being given the therapeutic virtues of various Essential Oils, it is consequently obvious to conceive their synergy (“mixture”).

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